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Side Quest 7: 3D printing

This is a 3D model of Batman Tumbler. This piece is special for me since I have been a great fan for the batman trilogy, and the scene of this tumbler jumping off rooftops and destroying anything in the way left a great impression for me about this special vehicle. I always love cars and having a car on my desk has been a tradition for me. Since I have not had the chance to bring my own model cars here to emory, this is a great chance for me to refill my car collection and have something I like on my table.

I found this model on thingiverse and I was very impressed with the level of details this car has. The only challenge I has was the size of the model was way larger than the printer’s capacity and we have to rescale it to around 0.1% of its original size to print this out. And also, cutting out the supporting pieces was hard to accomplish. I was so scared to cur pieces out that are necessary for this model. I really like this project.


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