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Alan Side Quest 9: Bathroom night-out decoration

This is a relatively challenging task for me, since I am living on Claremont with pretty much only food and utilities and nothing fancy. I knew from hearing this project that I will not be able to use the traditional classy and fancy approach for my night out. When I looked into my room and fridge (I just got grocery delivery today), I figured showing my food and supplies can be a great idea for making this bathroom unique and fit this special time period. I have a lot of sanitation products and food to keep myself as safe as possible against the spread of coronavirus. In editing this video, I think an intro to my idea would be better than simply showing the video clip. It took me sometime to figure out how to record audio alone and add that before the video. Moving all the things into the bathroom is a lot of work, it took me around 20 minutes before it is ready for shooting. Overall, it is a fun experience and get me moving inside the house.


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